Resident concerned to see men trying to lift faulty gantry arms at Lorong Limau carpark

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Drivers were left stranded after the carpark barrier system at Block 76 Lorong Limau malfunctioned last Friday night (Mar 27).

A Stomper, who lives in the area, said he happened to see several men trying to lift the faulty gantry arms manually at around 10.27pm.

He was concerned for their safety and shared videos of the incident with Stomp.

The Stomper said: "Dear fellow Singaporeans at Block 76 Lorong Limau, I know that the carpark barriers failed you because they were faulty. And I know you sought help via the intercom and maybe failed to get through.

"This has happened to me before. But we have to stay calm and wait for assistance.

"However, you trying to undo the barriers yourself is totally uncalled for. You could have injured yourself.

"Do you know that what you did can be considered vandalism of public property? Just stay calm.

"And what happened to social distancing? In your fervour to be helpful, you forgot about the current Covid-19 situation and put your health in danger."

The Stomper said he saw the men doing this for around 15 minutes.

He added: "I contacted Wilson Parking for assistance at around 10.35pm. Someone then came down and fixed the system."

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