Stomper comes face-to-face with driver going against traffic along Republic Avenue

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A Stomper was driving from the Central Business District (CBD) towards Kallang along Republic Avenue, when he came face-to-face with a driver headed in the opposite direction as him on Oct 23 at about 6.30pm.

The car had a blue private hire sticker on it and there was a person sitting in the back seat, whom the Stomper believed was a passenger.

The Stomper said: "I was going straight and suddenly this car was coming towards me.

"I stopped my car, and he stopped his car. We looked at each other.

"If I was going any faster, I might have hit him."

The Stomper was driving in the extreme right lane of the flow of traffic, heading towards Kallang.

He believed the car was coming from the lane next to him, which had the opposite flow of traffic.

He suspected the driver was preparing to turn right and said: "He filtered into what he thought was the lane on his extreme right, and ended up facing the opposite direction, which was the lane I was in." 

Since the car was blocking the Stomper's way, the Stomper said he had to manoeuvre around the car to continue making his way.

"As I drove by, many other cars were honking at him for blocking the road," he added.