Stomper clears litter left behind at Xtreme Skate Park: 'It's not a rubbish dump'

Submitted by Stomper Faith

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Most people would dismiss rubbish in a public place as an eyesore and walk away from it but Stomper Faith took it upon herself to clear the mess left behind by others.

She was at Xtreme SkatePark at East Coast Park on Saturday morning (Aug 3) to check out the Action Sports Festival that was held there that day.

She shared with Stomp a video her boyfriend took of her clearing bottles and plastic bags after the event had ended.

"I wish people would be more considerate to others using the park," she said.

"There are so many rubbish bins around.

"It's a skate park, not a rubbish dump."

Being civic-minded, Faith often picks up rubbish she sees on the streets when she can.

"Even after work, if I have a spare plastic bag and some spare time, I would pick rubbish along the walkways, usually from outside Ai Tong School's front gate."

She hopes that Singaporeans will be more conscious about discarding litter the right way.

"If we all played a part in throwing our rubbish into the respective bins, Singapore would become a more clean and green environment."