Stomper arrives at Pioneer station in the morning -- only to find out there's no train service

Submitted by Stomper Chan

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A train fault on early Thursday morning (Dec 7) disrupted services between Boon Lay station and Gul Circle station on the East West Line (EWL). 

Stomper Chan was on his way to work and reached Pioneer MRT Station at around 5.30am.

When he arrived, he saw station staff closing the shutters to the platform.

Curious, he accosted one of the employees, who told him that there were no train services from Boon Lay station due to a train fault.

Chan subsequently boarded bus Service 241, and reached Boon Lay MRT Station at around 5.42pm.

Said Chan:

“Overall, it wasn’t so bad.

“There wasn’t a lot of people because it was in the wee hours in the morning.

“My journey was delayed for about 10 minutes in total.” 

Train operator SMRT tweeted at 5.22am:

“[EWL]: Due to a train fault, there is no train service between BoonLay and GulCircle.”

It added at 5.23am that free bus services between Boon Lay station and Gul Circle station were available.

In a subsequent update at 6.05am, SMRT tweeted that services between Boon Lay and Gul Circle have resumed, but free bridging bus services were still available.

At 6.24am, it confirmed again that train services between the two stations have resumed, and free bus services have ended.