Stomper appealing for information after brother dies in motorcycle accident on Second Link Expressway

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The family of Chua Wei Kit, 41, who died in an accident on the Second Link Expressway in Malaysia at around 6.20am on Sep 5, is appealing for witnesses for come forward to assist in investigations.

The victim's brother, Stomper Wei Min, told Stomp in a telephone interview that Wei Kit was riding a motorcycle towards Singapore on the expressway when the accident occurred.

The Stomper's family in Malaysia was unaware about what happened until funeral workers showed at their home.

By that time, Wei Kit's body had already been sent to the morgue.

A police report was subsequently filed, but the Stomper said that so far no witnesses have come forward with any information.

Wei Min also said that another female motorcyclist was killed in the accident. This claim, however, cannot be verified.

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