Stomper amazed to see wild boars at Upper Peirce Reservoir, warns families to be careful

Submitted by Stomper C

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Stomper C spotted a family of wild boars at Upper Peirce Reservoir at 6.30pm on Sunday (Jun 3). 

In a video shared by C, a group of wild boars is seen among some vegetation when suddenly one of them jumps out from the bushes.

(story continues after video)

C said:

"I was taking a walk with my family when I saw the wild boars. They were near a restroom."

C also urged the public to be careful:

"There are many families with young children here during the weekends, and I would like to remind the public to be careful.

"The wild boars seemed shy from what I observed, and they usually would not come into contact with humans unless provoked.

"And I have also never seen wild boars in real life before."