Stomp meets Singapore Police Force's new online avatar Inspector Clif

Stomp finally met the Singapore Police Force's (SPF) new online avatar Inspector Clif at a media event on Friday (Nov 29).

Prior to the meeting, all Stomp had was a prelude via his Facebook page.

We then found out that his name is an acronym which stands for SPF's four core values: Courage, Loyalty, Integrity, and Fairness.

The SPF created Inspector Clif so that they could keep up with digital consumption trends and engage the growing number of Singaporeans who are using online platforms.

His presence online will help bolster crime prevention efforts as he educates and engages netizens with a light-hearted tone.

Stomp also discovered that this inspector enjoys working out, photography, savouring local food and hanging out with the K-9 unit.

You'll see posts like how he wants to have bubble tea but can't since his Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) is just around the corner, so he ends up drawing pearls on the cup.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police Serene Chiu said “Singaporeans are highly active in the digital sphere, and the police are continuously exploring new ways to help raise awareness of safety and security issues in Singapore.

"We hope Inspector Clif will become the go-to source for the online community on such issues."

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