Stomp Goody Bag for man who put skills from the army to good use and helped fallen biker

For helping a motorcyclist who had fallen off his motorbike on the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) on Sep 15, 32-year-old Heath Tan was presented with a Stomp Goody Bag.

In an earlier Stomp article, it was reported that the motorcyclist had skidded and fallen off his bike before he received help from Heath and other road users.

When asked why he stopped to help the fallen motorcyclist, Heath humbly replied, "I just wanted to find out if he was okay because I do know first-aid. I told him to take a piece of cloth to press against his wound to stop the bleeding." 

The senior programme executive at Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) had learned how to administer first-aid when he was in the army.

During our chat with the Good Samaritan, Heath also praised the other road users who stopped to help.

Heath is a moderator of the SG Road Vigilante Facebook group, where he posts videos of errant drivers to educate the public about road safety.

As for advice for other motorists who encounter similar situations in future, Heath suggests: "Make sure you stop safely and when you stop to help, don't panic. If the victim is seriously injured, do not move him as there may be spinal injuries."

See our interview with Heath in the video below.

Stomp presented Heath with a Stomp Goody Bag as part of our efforts to recognise everyday heroes and highlight heartwarming deeds.

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