Stomp gives 'Goody Bags' to heroic emergency team from Farrer Park Hospital: "Stop looking, start doing"

There has been an outpouring of praise for the emergency staff at Farrer Park Hospital after news broke on how they rushed to the aid of a driver who had suffered a stroke just outside the hospital on May 22.

The story was first posted on the hospital's Facebook page where it has garnered over 1,500 reactions and 294 shares.

It was also featured on several media outlets, including Stomp with nearly 40,000 views.

Although the nurses and doctors are all in the business of saving lives, netizens wanted to recognise their efforts and know that they are appreciated for working tirelessly to help others.

Stomp got in contact with the team and headed down to Farrer Park Hospital yesterday (May 31) to interview three of the staff, Dr Wong Ju Ming, ICU Head Nurse Badli and Staff Nurse Steve Mocsoy.

Steve had finished his shift on May 22 when he noticed a car had crashed into the road railings outside the hospital and instinctively knew to activate Code Pink and within five minutes, the emergency team were at the scene to attend to the patient.

Badli explained that Code Pink is when hospital personnel are activated to assist in medical emergencies that may happen within the hospital's jurisdiction.

Thankfully, the hospital staff have performed several drills should such situations happen and in fact, attended to three Code Pinks in the same week.

"If you don't come prepared and trained, you're prepared and trained to fail," said Badli on the importance of training.

Despite their unexpected fame, the team remains humble.

"It just feels like any other day at work," said Dr Wong. "I don't feel special. We are just doing what we do every day."

"I don't feel like a hero so don't call me that," he laughed.

"We never expected to be interviewed by you," chimed in Badli.

Accidents can happen at any time and it is important that people should help, whether they are medical professionals or not.

On helping people, Badli said something that should be everyone's personal motto: "Stop looking start doing."

Dr Wong added:

"People can go for SGSecure courses that are going on right now.

"I encourage you to go for basic first aid and basic life support, there are a lot of avenues where you can receive such training."

Stomp presented the Farrer Park Hospital team with 'Goody Bags' for their kind act, as part of our efforts to recognise everyday heroes and highlight inspiring deeds.

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