Martial arts instructor reunited with person who found his wallet thanks to Stomp report

The man who lost his wallet on the train at Newton MRT station on Monday night (Jan 30) was reunited with it this morning (Feb 1), thanks to a Stomp report

The martial arts instructor, Mr Song Yong Jun, had left his wallet on the train, and thankfully, Stomper Laila found it on her way home. 

The Stomper immediately sent Stomp pictures of the wallet and its contents. Within hours of the report being published, the owner contacted Stomp and we helped both of them meet up.

When asked why she chose to post in Stomp about the wallet she had found, Laila said:

"I thought of going to the police station but I didn't have the time. I remember seeing reports on your website of people losing and finding belongings, and the owners got it back very quickly.

"So I decided to try to message Stomp to help me find the owner. And you did it!"

She added that Mr Song was very happy to have his wallet back, and that he kept thanking her profusely. 

Stomp is more than happy to help, and we would like to praise Laila for her good deed.