How Stomp has made a difference in people's lives

With the help of all the Stompers out there, Stomp is able to get things done. 

Here are some stories of how we try to make a difference in people's lives:

Kind Stomper returns woman her lost purse with the help of Stomp -- and realises that they're neighbours (click to read)

Woman who lost diamond ring gets it back from kind netizen after Stomp report -- and thanks her in amazing way (click to read)

Woman gets PAssion Card back: She did not know it was lost till she saw Stomp report (click to read)

The happiest of endings for man who lost priceless gold chain and kind soul who saw his Stomp report (click to read)

Son finds dad missing 2 days later -- thanks to kind couple who recognised him from Stomp report (click to read)

Lost Pomeranian reunited with owner within hours of Stomp report (click to read)

Facebook user who found woman's lost laptop: Stomp will be arranging for them to meet (click to read)

Girl who lost wallet at Subway store gets it back after Stomp report -- and defends Stomper from cynical comments (click to read)

Guy who snatched shoes from Fernvale Link unit apologises to owner after seeing himself on Stomp (click to read)

Man who rode bike away from Guillemard Road shop sees Stomp report about himself -- then surrenders to Police (click to read)

Pregnant woman injured in Yishun accident cries while thanking 12-year-old boy who helped her (click to read)

Kind woman who helped injured elderly at Chinese Garden meets him after reading his Stomp report, gets big hug from him and receives SCDF award (click to read)