Steam rises out of used Nissan after buyer collects car from dealer and fetches kids with it

Submitted by Stomper Sim

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Caveat emptor?

A man wants to return a used car he bought after encountering problems with it such as a faulty air-conditioner and steam coming out of the vehicle.

Stomper Sim said he felt cheated by the car dealer.

"I paid the deposit of $500 to the car dealer on Jan 27 to purchase a 2010 Nissan Dualis," recounted the Stomper.

"On the same day, I noticed that the car aircon was not cold, the reverse camera was not clear and some other small defects. The salesman told us that they would rectify all these issues and do a full servicing before handing over the car to us.

"During the car collection on Feb 3 at 2.30pm, I paid the balance of $15,800 and traded in my old car at the price of $1,200.

"After that, I drove the car back with my wife who is heavily pregnant and we noticed that the car aircon was still not cold. I contacted the car dealer immediately and he told me to drive back to their workshop to check.

"We waited at their workshop for around two hours. At around 5:30pm, they told us the problems had been solved. We took the car and drove back again.

"After we drove for around 10 minutes in heavy rain, we noticed that the aircon was still not cold and the front windshield suddenly turned very blur until I couldn't even see the front and side vehicles.

"We were in the middle of the expressway and we couldn't stop the car at the time. We continued to drive slowly and fetched our children at around 6:45pm.

"After we fetched the children, we saw very thick smoke suddenly come out from our car. We immediately got out with our children and contacted the car dealer.

"We told them that we wanted to return the car and take back our old car as this car was very dangerous and life-threatening to us. They refused to do so as they said that this would affect the car transfer count and they would have a hard time selling the car."

"This has compromised the safety of my family and my children have been traumatised."

In response to a Stomp query, the car dealer said it had loaned the Stomper a vehicle to use while the Nissan was being serviced.

The car dealer also told Stomp that the Stomper agreed that he would accept the car if it passed the STA inspection.