Stall owner terrified by 1m-long python at Whampoa market

A woman had a shock after finding a large python at her stall at Whampoa Drive Market & Food Centre on Saturday morning (Apr 1).

Ms Cai, 55, told Shin Min Daily News that she had already opened her flower stall for business when she heard her father say that there was a snake outside.

She went to investigate and saw a 1m-long python under a wooden table that she usually uses to display potted plants, leaving her terrified.

"The python attracted the attention of several stall owners and some even took out their mobile phones to take pictures,' added Ms Cai.

Ms Cai immediately called the relevant authorities, who arrived at around 10am. The snake was caught in less than five minutes and placed in a bag.

Ms Cai said: "Fortunately, the snake didn't crawl to other stalls or it would have frightened more people."