Stall assistant splashes "hot water" at another stall's owner 3 times after she was hit on head with bowl

A fishball noodle stall assistant splashed hot water at a prawn noodle stall owner three times, resulting in the latter to have blistered skin.

The prawn noodle store owner, Lee Suat Hong, also used a bowl to hit her head as she spoke to the fishball noodle stall assistant, Kim Eng Suthivanich. 

According to Lianhe Zaobao, the judge found that Kim splashing hot water at Lee was out of defence as she was being provoked. Kim was thus acquitted.

Being friends with Kim's boss, Chen Guo Shun, Lee is allowed to enter the fishball noodle stall whenever she needs to borrow sauces and/or access the refrigerator. Lee therefore goes over often to get her food ingredients.

Kim has always made way for Lee when she comes to the stall but has never exchanged any words with her. 

On the day of the incident, Lee said that Kim was being sarcastic towards her. Kim then took an empty bowl as she went to speak with Lee.

Kim got angry during the conversation and blocked Lee's path, not allowing her to enter the stall.

Zaobao reported that Kim even pushed Lee out of the stall, but as the latter insisted on entering, the two ended up in an argument. It was at this moment when Lee used the bowl to hit Kim's head.

Kim then used a ladle to scoop hot water and splashed it at Lee three times. Lee wound up with scalded and blistered skin.

According to the prosecution, Kim was unhappy that Lee came over to the fishball noodle stall so often, taking things without giving anything back. Lee denied this allegation and said Kim splashed hot water at her as they had gotten into another dispute prior to this incident.

Kim expressed through her lawyer that she had no intention to hurt Lee. Instead, Kim was about to rest as there were no customers. The "hot water" was not even that hot but it was Lee who made the first move and even threatened to hit Kim, reported Zaobao. 

Both the fishball noodle and the prawn noodle stalls are located in the same place but court documents did not reveal exact details of when and where the incident occurred.

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