St James brawl allegedly started after men bumped into each other, patrons banned from club

A brawl that broke out in the wee hours of Tuesday (April 17) outside a club at St James Power Station is believed to have started after someone accidentally walked into another person.

Stomper Weena witnessed the fight, which involved several men, at around 4.45am and said it occurred outside Club Hollywood Singapore.

"The fight involved several customers and then the bouncers intervened," she told Stomp.

Stomp understands that the dispute is believed to have started when a customer accidentally walked into another patron while they were on a ramp in the club.

A source said: "As the ramp in the club is quite narrow, the two men are likely to have bumped into each other."

No injuries were reported and the police were not called.

Stomp understands that the patrons involved in the altercation have since been banned from the club.