S'pore's 'fight of the century' sees Steven Lim squaring off with Sylvester Sim in Muay Thai battle

Steven Lim and Sylvester Sim made a name for themselves in different ways at the 2004 Singapore Idol.

Fast forward 13 years, the duo have found themselves in the limelight once again.

Steven, 40, and Sylvester, 34, will go head to head on September 23 at Marina Bay Sands.

Instead of singing however, they will be locking horns in a Muay Thai match.

The bout is part of a 'celebrity fight-off' at the inaugural Asia Fighting Championship (AFC) organised by Muse Fitness Club Singapore and event company Axseed Events.

According to its website, the AFC aims to 'unite different nations through a provision of a professional platform for the showcase of the talent in the sport worldwide'.

The war of words between the two personalities has since begun following the announcement of the bout, with Sylvester firing the opening salvo.

He said on Facebook:

"Fight schedule confirmed! See you guys!"

"I make things happen, I create big shows, I have a dream I make it happen. Not just talk. And not everything is about ego. It's passion. And I have a bunch of passionate people behind me and being the support.

"See you! Steven Lim.

"Steven Lim haters! Share my post! My Facebook supporters share my post! My personal supporters like and share my post.

"For Steven Lim supporters read my post! And get out of my Facebook."

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