S'porean owner of Bangkok animal cafe accused of mistreating animals, says dogs died of virus

Submitted by Stomper wl

A Singaporean man has been accused of not properly caring for animals in a Thai café placed under his charge. 

Stomper wl alerted Stomp to a post dated Oct 29, 2017, by Facebook user Itsarachai Beerleo Niyomrad.

In the post, Niyomrad said that seven to eight dogs in the animal café, Kitties & Bears, became sick and died within a month. 

The owner allegedly hesitated to bring the sick animals to a vet despite having been told that they were in dire need of medical attention.

He also failed to quarantine the sick animals and allowed them to mingle with the healthy ones even though he was told to. 

Aside from the most recent case, the post also described another incident in which a kitten died after the man allowed patrons to play with it at a very early age. 

A second pregnant mother cat was sick and uncared for, giving birth to a litter which was sick too, with a low chance of survival. 

Niyomrad also revealed that the owner had previously opened a pet café in Singapore where eight of the cats inside died due to Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) and was ordered to cease operations by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA). 

He then went to Thailand with the surviving cats and started the café in question, Kitties & Bears. 

In response to the incident, Kittens & Bears posted an apology on its Facebook page.

The post clarified that the dogs had died from Canine Parvovirus, a contagious virus mainly affecting dogs. 

It added that it was looking to rehome most of the animals, including the raccoons, meerkats, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, hedgehogs, as well as all of its dogs with a few exceptions. 

The café said that it would be reinventing itself as a cat café, and pledged to make the new homes for the other animals as ‘comfortable’ as possible.