Singaporean Merc driver dies after car skids and crashes in JB, 3 passengers injured

A 28-year-old Singaporean man, Mr Xie Zhihao, was killed, while three passengers were injured after a Singapore-registered Mercedes-Benz they were on crashed in Johor Bahru.

The accident happened on a stretch of road near the Road Transport Department of Johor on Tuesday (March 27) at around 9.24pm. 

According to Malaysia’s China Press, the three passengers - another Singaporean man and two Vietnamese women - sustained injuries and were conveyed to hospital. 

The Johor Fire and Rescue Department said in a statement that it was notified of the accident and extracted the four from the vehicle after the accident.  

It is believed that the driver had lost control of the car, causing it to skid.

Shin Min Daily News later visited the home address of the deceased in Choa Chu Kang and spoke to an elderly man who identified himself as the father of the victim.

Mr Xie, 63, confirmed that the driver of the Mercedes was his son, and said: "On Tuesday (March 27) at around 5pm, he told me he was going to drive to Johor Bahru to visit some friends.

"I later received news that he had been in an accident. My wife and I were shocked."

Mr Xie immediately rushed down to Johor and visited the scene where the accident had taken place.

He said that the road was straight, but the street lights were quite dim.

Said the heartbroken father: "According to what I know, the car did not collide with another vehicle or anything else. 

"For reasons unknown, the car suddenly skidded, causing the crash. 

"We will have to wait for a report by the police to clarify the details."

Mr Xie revealed that the victim was his only son, and the family owns a construction firm.

Mr Xie who was planning to retire had intended to hand the family business over to his son.

He added that his son had been very diligent in picking up the ropes.