S'pore PR charged for case of money laundering and dishonesty involving more than $1 million

A Singapore permanent resident (PR) from Nigeria was charged in court on Wednesday (Oct 25) over money laundering and the receipt of stolen property which involved more than $1000,000. 

Paul Gabriel Amos, 46, is accused of committing these offences in October and November 2008, reports The Straits Times

Amos faces one charge of dishonesty, which involved the receiving of stolen property, as well as eight counts of dealing with monies, said to be benefits of criminal conduct. 

He reportedly instructed a man, Mohammad Sohail, to transfer $987,526.40 into an OCBC bank account, on Oct 15, 2008.

The sum was said to have been the benefits of criminal conduct from an individual known as Robert Umohette.

Amos allegedly received stolen property amounting to $426,995.55 in cash, which he deposited into a DBS bank account six days later.

Of the amount, $300,000 was transferred to his Citibank Maxisave account.

Amos also reportedly used $373,528 of the stolen money for business and personal expenses.

Other than the charges mentioned, it is understood that Amos also has pending traffic charges.

He purportedly drove a Lamborghini in a dangerous manner, zooming through a narrow gap between two vehicles along East Coast Parkway at around 12.30am on Oct 2, 2016.

The act also caused alarm to another motorist, Ms Heng Xiu Hui, 22, who was approaching him on his right.

Court documents revealed that he was not insured nor did he own a valid driving licence during the time of the offence.

He was offered bail at $150,000 and will be back in court on Nov 22, 2017.