S'pore photographer captures 360° walkthrough of Sungei Road Flea Market for son

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After eight decades, Singapore's oldest fleamarket in Sungei Road officially closed yesterday (July 10).

Nicknamed "Thieves' Market" by Singaporeans for reportedly selling stolen goods, it offered a wide range of items that include household appliances, jewellery and even electronics. 

The open-air market, which had already been reduced to half its original size in 2011 due to the construction of the Jalan Besar MRT Station, closed to make way for commercial and residential developments.

To keep a record of what is undoubtedly a part of Singapore's colourful history, local photographer Mr Aram Pan shot a 360° video of the market.

The photographer is well known for his DPRK 360 project, in which he features 360° images, photos, and videos of North Korea.

He told Stomp that the market was an important part of Singapore's history and will likely never be "restored" again.

"I decided to capture a 360° video walkthrough for my four-year-old son so that at least one day, I would have something to show him when he grows up," said Mr Pan.

However, he added that his camera regrettably overheated and shut down after only nine minutes of recording so he could not get any other footage.

Despite all these, it remained popular with tourists and foreign workers, especially on weekends. 

The market was Singapore's last permanent free hawking zone, and its closure affects about 200 vendors who operated rent-free.