S'pore mum with 'huge belly' totally ignored on bus: It's different in Taiwan, she says

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A pregnant Stomper expressed her disappointment with her fellow commuters when nobody offered her a seat during her 40-minute bus ride today (Oct 5) at around 7.30am.

In a phone interview, the Stomper, who is seven months pregnant, spoke on how so many of the passengers on the bus service 188 appeared to be sleeping.

"Some just slept immediately when they saw me," she said.

She shared a photo of her belly with Stomp where it was very apparent that she was heavily pregnant.

She ended up standing all the way from Bukit Batok to Kent Ridge.

"Usually, taking the bus is not a problem for me but for some reason, the bus today was more crowded than usual."

She told Stomp that she did not ask for someone to give up a seat herself because she was afraid of any confrontation.

"I just hope that people can be more generous, considerate and courteous," she added.

"My intention is for others to be more aware of their surroundings and of the needy.

"I don't mean that a pregnant lady must be offered a seat but when I travel to other countries like Taiwan, their reserved seats are empty even during peak hours."