S'pore man shares how he overcame his fear of getting vaccinated in hope of encouraging others

Submitted by Stomper Des

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With the number of Covid-19 cases on the rise, it is more important than ever to get fully vaccinated.

Vaccinated persons are less likely to get infected. If infected, they clear the virus faster and are infectious for a shorter time.

Stomper Des shared with Stomp how he overcame his own fear of vaccinations and medical procedures to encourage others to get vaccinated as well.

The 38-year-old said he received his second vaccine dose last week.

"I have always been a weak boy from young, fearing almost everything and taking the safe way out.

"My greatest fear has always been with medical procedures, be it dental or a simple jab.

"I had an experience when I got my Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) injection in Primary 6 and the injection site bubble burst and blood began flowing out.

"Many other fears and worries came and went and I got diagnosed with panic attacks and anxiety when I was about 20 years old.

"Then came the horrific Covid-19 and news that vaccines were being made available.

"My heart started pounding and I felt a gush of fear for what was about to come true... I would need to get vaccinated.

"This fear made me delay getting the jab for a good long period and multiple visits to my psychiatrist.

"In between, I had an unfortunate case of a quarantine order (QO), which involved getting polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests.

"All the online comments and stricter government measures brought more fear in me.

"I did not give up.

"My psychiatrist tried to help me by using exposure therapy and looking for other options.

"I tried to visit swab centers and clinics but was always one step short of going in because of the fear and panic waves.

"The last hope came from my sister-in-law who helped me to cold call clinics that offer home visits and thanks to Mediview Clinic at Toa Payoh, I have gotten my second jab.

"Special thanks to Dr Tham.

"I'm writing this to share my story in hopes to encourage others with my same fear to stay strong.

"You are not alone."

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