S'pore family in tour bus involved in KL chain collision: Man suffers spinal fracture while daughter gets concussion

A Singaporean family of four was involved in a chain collision between three tour coaches while touring Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, resulting in spinal fracture for the patriarch, and a concussion for his daughter.

The man’s wife and his son-in-law also required stitches for their injuries, reports Shin Min Daily News via Lianhe Zaobao

The accident happened last Thursday (Jun 8) at around 12.45pm, on the North–South Expressway, close to the town of Yong Peng. 

The 59-year-old patriarch, a retiree, told reporters that during the time of the accident, he and his wife were sitting in the first few seats on the bus and the couple were napping.

Said the retiree:

“We were suddenly jolted awake by the impact (of the collision).

“There were no safety belts on the bus and I was instantly ejected from my seat.

“I crashed back onto my seat, while my wife knocked into a metal railing right in front of her.”

After the collision, the man discovered that he could not lift himself off the floor and was in so much pain that he almost fainted.

He was carried off the bus by civil defence officers, and the family was conveyed to Batu Pahat Hospital in Johor. 

Due to the severity of his injuries, the man had to undergo an operation immediately, and his family members opted to move him back to Singapore for treatment.

The man added:

“The tour agency did not even send anyone down to assist us.

“My daughter had to seek help from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore.

“We were then transported back to Singapore in an overnight ambulance ride.

“When we reached Singapore General Hospital, it was already 3am the next day.”

There, doctors diagnosed him with a spinal fracture and required two operations. 

His wife and son-in-law required stitches while his daughter suffered a mild concussion. 

After his first operation last Saturday (Jun 10), the man is scheduled to have his next operation in a week. 

He said:

“Although the doctors have encouraged me to try walking, I felt dizzy after taking two steps. 

“I can’t turn or sit up at will either and require assistance to do so.”

The man’s 33-year-old daughter also stated that she could not remember many things after the concussion.

She said:

“Even now, I can’t remember many things.

“I took a 15-day leave to stay at home to recuperate.

“There are also bruises on my hands and legs.”

She told reporters that the family had ridden on tour coaches several times, but it was the first time they had gotten into an accident.

The patriarch revealed that the accident happened just two hours after the family boarded the bus. 

He also revealed that he had inquired about the lack of seat belts, but was told by an agency employee that only buses heading to Cameron Highlands or Gentling Highlands come equipped with them.