S'pore family bounces car up and down while pumping petrol in JB: 'Even auntie is working hard'

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Jan 6, 2023

If there ever was a meme that signified the effects of inflation in society, a Singapore family in Malaysia might have just played their part in it. 

In an attempt to fill up their vehicle with cheaper petrol from Malaysia, the family of four, including an elderly woman, were seen bouncing their Singapore-registered car up and down at a petrol station in Johor.

A video of the incident on Facebook has been watched more than 800,000 times.

Their actions - pressing down on the car boot repeatedly - resembled performing CPR on the car, said netizens.


谁可以告诉我他们在做莫呀?我是真的不明白 连Aunty都那么卖力

Posted by 你想知道的秘密 Secret on Monday, 2 January 2023


Some Malaysians, in the comments section, weren’t at all impressed, saying they would never perform such antics.

The trend of Singapore drivers topping up their fuel tanks till “more than full” while in Johor isn’t new. 

What’s perhaps disconcerting is that they persist even though the practice of jacking up the car or rocking it back and forth to take in more fuel has been debunked by mechanics.

The idea that air can escape from the petrol tank by jerking the car may result in only a little bit more petrol to flow in – but the amount is negligible.

And if the car is filled to the brim, you run the risk of petrol overflowing.

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