S'pore courier company yet to deliver her goods to India after 10 months, customer feels 'helpless'

Submitted by Stomper Priyanka

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A woman is desperate for help after the goods she sent from Singapore to India last December have yet to arrive.

The courier company that Stomper Priyanka used was Tamilan Express Cargo & Logistics at Cuff Road in Little India.

Stomp reported last month that another Stomper had used the same company and did not receive his goods after more than seven months.

Numerous similar complaints about Tamilan Express Cargo & Logistics have been posted online, accusing it of being a scam company.

"I am one of the victims too," said Priyanka, who is now in India.

"They collected my parcel from my home in Singapore on Dec 15 last year. It has been 10 months. They do not answer and I have lost goods worth over $1,000."

She told Stomp: "So what this company does is, when they come to pick up the parcel, they would ask how much the goods are worth.

"I said around $1,000, but he wrote $100. When I asked him why, he replied for customs we have to show a smaller amount.

"But now that I understand that if there is a court case, they can just give $100 and finish the matter since we signed off on it. And this they have done to all."

The Stomper shared a photo of an invoice from Tamilan Express Cargo & Logistics, which indicates she paid the company $240 on Dec 10, 2021, to ship five boxes of clothes and household items weighing a total of 80kg to Pune, Maharashtra, in India.

The declared value on the invoice is $100.

Priyanka said: "My husband was in Singapore last week and told all this to the police. Police said, 'Sorry, we cannot help you because it is not in our jurisdiction.'

"My husband went to the courier company. They refused to answer where my cargo is or which port it was delivered to. We have no tracking number."

She told Stomp she has complained to the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case), who also said they could not help.

Priyanka said she and other victims have formed Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

"We all have complained 100 times. Police have said they cannot do anything. And now since we have moved to India, we are helpless.

"This courier company is a scam and we really want help to take action against this open scammer in Singapore.

"I have pictures and videos, including one of the lady at the counter promising my parcel would reach me. I recorded everything. I have evidence that it is a fake company, but nobody is helping me. Please help."

The woman in the video recorded last December said that there would be delays due to "custom issues" when asked about reviews complaining about missing items.

A company called Sunshine Express Cargo & Logistics is listed to be at the same address as Tamilan Express Cargo & Logistics. In 2018, Case received 21 complaints regarding the closure of Sunshine Express Cargo & Logistics.