SPF officers reject $2,150 bribe from Kazakhstan woman while investigating suspected vice activity

A 26-year-old Kazakhstan national was sentenced to four weeks' jail on July 17 for attempting to bribe a police officer, in hopes of evading arrest for her suspected involvement in vice activities.

According to a Facebook post by the Singapore Police Force (SPF), Yelena Kalugina admitted to corruptly offering $2,150 to Inspector Loh Loong Ee on June 28 as an inducement for not arresting her.

Kalugina was subsequently charged in court on June 30.

Insp Loh and Staff Sergeant Xavier Seow Hong Ge from Kampong Java Neighbourhood Police Centre were attending to a report of suspected vice activities at Hotel Royal along Newton Road when the incident occurred.

They had gone into Kalugina's room where the reported illegal activities were suspected to have occurred, reported The Straits Times.

Kalugina pleaded to be released while being questioned.

She also gestured to the police officers by rubbing her forefinger and thumb, which Insp Loh understood to mean "money".

She then opened a drawer in a table to reveal cash totalling $2,150 inside and asked Insp Loh to let her go, stating she would take the next flight home.

Insp Loh refused the offer and subsequently arrested Kalugina.

Kalugina could have been fined up to $100,000 and/or jailed for up to five years for corruption.