Speeding car rams so hard into lorry on SLE that tyre goes flying across road

A speeding car hit a lorry on Seletar Expressway (SLE) so hard that a tyre went flying across the lanes, almost hitting a van.

A clip of the accident, which occurred on Thursday (Apr 6), near the Lentor Avenue Exit, was posted on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Roads.

It shows a speeding car ramming into the back of a lorry in the middle of the expressway.

The impact of the crash sends a tyre flying across the expressway, almost crashing into a van.

The crash also sends debris scattering across the lanes, and smoke comes billowing out of the wrecked car.

The car-cam driver stops by the side of the expressway, and two men can be seen getting out of the lorry that the car crashed into.

Many netizens highlighted how the car driver's actions were dangerous, and that the outcome would have been much worse if another car or motorcycle had been rammed into instead of a lorry.