Son of auntie who cheated Pasir Ris fruit seller of $10 apologises for 'ill' mum, returns money

The son of a woman who was caught pocketing her own change and then asking a fruit seller for more money has apologised for his mother's actions and returned the amount to the stall.

The incident occurred in a market located at Block 441, Pasir Ris Drive 6, at around 11am last Monday (June 25).

A video on Facebook showed how the woman, who is in her 50s, gave the fruit seller a $50 note for her purchase.

She can then be seen slipping $10 into her own pocket, before telling the fruit seller that he had shortchanged her.

Although initially suspicious, the fruit seller decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and handed her another $10.

On July 1, Lianhe Wanbao reporters visited the stall and spoke to the 31-year-old fruit seller, known as Ah Yi.

He said he had been working at the stall for over two years, and would always count money properly. Therefore, he was "very suspicious" when the incident happened.

However, upon counting through the change that he had handed the woman, he realised that it was indeed $10 short and why he gave her more money.

"The woman bought four persimmons and 1kg of rambutans, which cost $12 in total. She gave me $50 and I returned her $38, not knowing that she had hidden $10," said Ah Yi.

"When she left, I was still a little suspicious. I told the stall owner and checked the CCTV footage, and realised that the woman had indeed cheated money.

"There was another customer at the scene when it happened, who probably felt indignant on my behalf and posted the video on Facebook."

The 45-year-old stall owner, Mr Cai, told Lianhe Wanbao that the woman started visiting the market regularly about five years ago.

According to Mr Cai, there was talk of the woman having "dirty" tricks up her sleeves. Therefore, he would always watch her closely every time she visited his stall.

He added: "Ah Yi does not know this as he has only been here for two years."

Mr Cai also said that the woman's son had personally visited the stall on June 30 to apologise, after the video went viral.

The son paid back the $10, adding that his mother was ill and had not done it on purpose.

Mr Cai said: "Her son was very sincere and we forgive the woman, but we will be more careful next time."