Something's not quite right with this 'saman' biker received at Geylang Bazaar

Don't judge a book by its cover.

That was what one biker learnt after parking his motorcycle near the Geylang Bazaar in Paya Lebar.

In a Facebook post, the biker explained that he had parked his vehicle by the side of the road like what many others did as the break fast timing was approaching and there were no more parking lots. 

When he returned to the motorcycle after grabbing a quick bite, he notice that there was a 'summons slip' of sorts on the body of his vehicle.

Things however, were not what it seemed.

The 'summons' turned out to be marketing collateral for Get that was selling motorcycle helmet bags.

The 'remarks' section of the creative pamphlet read:

"1. Your helmet bag ugly

"2. Helmet(s) left unattended on bike

"3. Carrying helmet without bag

"4. You carry 2 helmets. Your partner carry dengdeng."