'Someone threw a used panty liner and it landed outside my window': Sengkang resident

Submitted by Stomper JS

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At first, she thought it was tissue paper, but she was in for a nasty surprise.

A woman found a used panty liner on the ledge outside her 11th-storey window at Block 264C Compassvale Bow in Sengkang.

The block has 17 storeys.

Stomper JS shared photos of the unwanted feminine product taken on Feb 23 at about 1pm.

"It was a normal afternoon. After work, I picked up my girl, came home, opened the windows and saw the litter," recounted the Stomper.

"The panty liner was folded in half when I first saw it. I thought it was the usual tissue paper. Maybe someone cleaned their nose and just threw it out. Germs. As it is my daughter's room, I had to clear it, right?

"I couldn't scoop it as it was sticking to the ledge. I kept trying and accidentally flipped it. That was when it opened up and I realised it was a panty liner. A used one.

"It was so unsightly. It had a bit of brownish stain on it and was dried up. It smelled."

She told Stomp she used a disposable spoon and chopsticks to remove the stranded rubbish.

"I was puzzled why this kind of women's personal things could be thrown out of the window. What if men saw it?

"Please share this to bring awareness to people who think it's all right to do this."

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