Someone leaves pig skins outside to dry behind Hougang restaurant and birds are going at them

Submitted by Stomper Steven

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That cannot be sanitary.

Pig skins were left outside to dry behind Block 335 Hougang Avenue 7 and attracting birds to feed on them.

Sharing a video taken on Feb 5, Stomper Steven said it was behind a restaurant at the corner of the block.

The video shows a box of pig skins on a trellis and two sheets of pig skins hanging on a laundry rack with a bird perched on it.

Another bird then landed on the laundry rack and pecked on a pig skin before flying off.

"The pig skins are still hanging there to dry with the mynahs enjoying the food," said the Stomper.

"I think rain or shine it's hanged there to air dry."

He added that it was unhygienic.

The birds did not seem to mind.