So many issues with this car but nothing can keep it off the road

Submitted by Stomper Nisha

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Stomper Nisha was amused when she saw a beat-up car driving on the road near Ubi on Thursday (Dec 10).

She told Stomp she was in a Grab car at the time and the driver was waiting to make a right turn when they found themselves behind the car that looked like it had suffered a lot of damage.

"The driver was laughing and asking, 'Like this also can drive ah?'" said Nisha.

In a photo shared by the Stomper, the Honda Stream's rear appears to be badly dented.

The glass of the rear windscreen also appears to be missing and is covered by plastic and tape instead.

The driver also put a piece of cardboard with his licence plate number written on it as the original one seems to be missing.

"I thought it was a very innovative way to continue driving despite all this," said Nisha.