SMRT bus driver nearly causes accident by going out of lane, beats red light and ignores pedestrian

Submitted by Stomper Alyannie

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Update on Jan 7:

SMRT takes disciplinary action against bus captain who nearly hit car, beat red light in Clarke Quay

Original article:

A bus driver was caught on camera beating a red light after nearly colliding with a car.

Stomper Alyannie, who shared dashcam footage of the near-miss, said the incident occurred along Eu Tong Sen Street on Wednesday (Jan 4), at around 3.12pm

The bus involved is bus service 961, which is operated by SMRT.

Alyannie told Stomp: " The bus almost hit us along Clarke Quay, though we were unable to capture its licence number. Yet the driver simply ignored and drove on.

"The bus driver has committed two offences by crossing over the white road markings and almost hitting our car, as well as beating the red light.

"It's irresponsible and scary."

In the video, the bus can be seen leaving a bus stop and then driving out of its lane, prompting Alyannie's car to swerve in order to avoid a collision. The bus then continues on its way despite the traffic light not being in its favour, past a pedestrian who was trying to cross the road.

Stomp has contacted SMRT for comment.