Smartest monkey ever flees jewellery shop in India with $200

Footage circulating online shows a monkey sneakily stealing 10,000 rupees (S$200) from a jewelry store in Andhra Pradesh.

According to the shop owner, the monkey had cleverly thrown a guava into the store in order to get access inside on the pretext of retrieving it.

In the video, employees can be seen throwing the fruit back, but the monkey insisted on entering and pushed open the glass entrance door on its own.

It then attacked one of the employees inside, taking control of the store's front desk.

The monkey sat at the desk chair for about 20 minutes, before taking $200 from a drawer and securing it in its mouth for a quick getaway.

An employee approached the desk and made a final attempt to bribe the monkey with fruit, but the primate evaded him by nimbly climbing over the desk and making a break out the door with the cash.

The video concludes with the monkey bolting out the door and escaping via stairwell, while dumbfounded employees rush out of the store, only to lose sight of the furry burglar.