6 men in China sentenced to between 1 and 3½ years in prison for gruesome attack on tourist

A court in China has sentenced six men to prison for violently attacking a woman, leaving her with facial horrific facial injuries.

According to Shanghaiist, the assault took place at around 3am on Nov 11 last year at a barbecue shop in Yunnan. On that fateful day, two female tourists were attacked by 12 drunk men. 

One of the victims claimed that she was hit at the back of her head with a beer bottle and dragged out of the eatery. She said one man then cut her face with a glass shard.

Thereafter, the woman made a police report. 

However, she was unsatisfied with the pace of investigations, and decided to take to social media in January this year to tell her story.

Along with an account of what happened, she also posted photos of her face after the harrowing episode.

The pictures showed her swollen face covered in blood as well as a long gash on her nose.

She too, told reporters that her boyfriend left her and that she had accumulated debts because of her hospital bills.

Since then, the police have arrested six suspects in relation to the case.

All of them have been sentenced to between one and three-and-a-half years in prison.

Netizens feel that the punishments are not severe enough. It remains to be seen however, if the victim will submit an appeal for a harsher sentence.