Situation at Little India is literally an accident waiting to happen

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If you have ever been to Little India on a weekend, you would know that the busy area is flooded with both traffic and pedestrians.

A Stomper has grown increasingly concerned on how pedestrians in the area appear to have no regard for their personal safety, crossing the busy Serangoon Road as and when they like.

The Stomper, who is a driver himself, said:

"They cross in big groups and not at the crossing points.

"All motorists have no choice but to take it. We drive, stop and wait even when there is no red traffic light."

He added that the situation has been going on for years, usually on Sunday evenings between 6 and 9pm.

He shared a video with Stomp taken at Serangoon Road near the junction of Rowell Road where pedestrians stand waiting by the side of the road for an opening to cross.

Eventually, they begin crossing the road, forcing some drivers to stop in the middle of the lane to let them pass.

The Stomper hopes that something can be done about the situation.

"Perhaps they all need to be educated on traffic rules," he said.

Watch the video below.