Singtel users frustrated by broadband outage in wee hours of Saturday morning

Submitted by Stomper C, Tracy, Taufik, frustrated client

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An outage of Singtel's broadband services in the wee hours of today (Aug 26) left many users unable to connect to wifi in various parts of Singapore.

The outage reportedly lasted for slightly more than an hour, from around 1.40am to 3pm.

Stomper C said she was using WhatsApp at around 1.40am when her wifi went down.

However, she did not think much of it and simply switched over to Singtel's 4G services, before turning wifi back on some time later.

Stomper Tracy also shared her experience: "At around 2.35am, I was still playing with my handphone when suddenly, my app hanged!

"There was no signal from wifi detected, so I tried switching off and on my modem a few times, but there was still no signal from SingTel.

"Disappointed with the trials, I switched on my handphone's data plan from another telco and was able to use the internet as normal!

"Then I went on Google to find out if I was the only one with no Singtel wifi. Oops... I wasn't alone and it was reported online that many subscribers in other areas were also having the same headache as me. Sigh."

In addition, Tracy contributed screenshots showing users complaining of the outage at locations including Ang Mo Kio, Pasir Ris and even Changi Airport.

Stomper Taufik told Stomp, "The outage, which lasted for around one hour, caused me to lose money as my work requires Internet."

By around 3am, broadband services appeared to have resumed.

Meanwhile, Stomper frustrated client said she is facing connection issues on her mobile phone even at noon today.

Besides being unable to send both text and WhatsApp messages, her sister was also unable to call through to her last night.

"After testing and resetting my phone, the problem still persists," she added.