SingPost responds to Ang Mo Kio family allegedly missing some of their mail since May 2018

Submitted by Stomper Ms Tan

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Stomper Ms Tan and her family living in Ang Mo Kio have allegedly not been receiving some of their mail since May 2018.

She reached out to Stomp to tell us more about the incident, and said: "I have sent my feedback to SingPost twice.

"They said that they have checked but found no issues with the delivery process.

"We are befuddled by the continuous months of missing mail."

She reportedly contacted SingPost on Aug 31, via their hotline, and then through SingPost's Facebook page on Sep 21.

According to her, the mail her family has not received includes her parent's credit card statements, hospital and polyclinic bills and appointment letters.

However, she has received her own tax claim receipts, cheques, and credit card statements.

She said that when their mail did not arrive the first few times, she contacted SingPost to open the part of the letterbox, where letters posted to the wrong address are kept.

However, nothing was found.

She and her family then proceeded to check with the relevant organisations which claimed to have sent them the mail, and they have confirmed that their letters have been sent out.

On one occasion, Ms Tan's father was expecting a letter from the Chinese Swimming Club, but Ms Tan said he did not receive it.

He sent the organisation an email asking them if they had sent the mail and to confirm that they have.

A staff member from the Chinese Swimming Club replied to his email and said: "I have gone down to the post office, bought the stamp and personally dropped it into the mailbox. You should receive this mail in two to three days."

The letter apparently did not arrive in the mailbox.

Ms Tan said that they went to the front desk of the club and got them to print out the letter.

This incident repeated itself, and this time, it was a letter from the Singapore General Hospital addressed to Ms Tan's father that went missing.

A staff member from the hospital emailed Ms Tan to confirm that she had sent out the mail to Ms Tan's father which he did not receive.

They only got the letter when the staff member personally gave it to Ms Tan's father at a specialist outpatient clinic in the hospital one afternoon, when he was waiting to see a doctor.

Ms Tan added: "It is a highly inconvenient and extremely frustrating situation for us.

"We have incurred late charges for the credit cards bills and fail to make payment for other bills in time.

"We need a solution to this dilemma."

Stomp contacted SingPost on Oct 10 about the incident, detailing Ms Tan's problems.

In response to the Stomp query on Oct 16, a SingPost spokesman said: "We thank Ms Tan for her feedback and are sorry about the inconvenience experienced by her family.

"Our Inspector of Post has contacted Ms Tan and we understand that some letters expected by her father were not received. As ordinary mail is not tracked, we are unable to ascertain the whereabouts of those letters.

"In light of Ms Tan’s feedback, we will be stepping up monitoring of our mail service in the area. We have also reminded our postmen to take greater care with their deliveries."

On Oct 12, Ms Tan said she received a call from a staff member at SingPost who explained to her how SingPost's mail sorting system works, as she had requested.

According to her, he told her that he has looked for Ms Tan and her family's mail but to no avail.

However, he had told her to contact him if her family experiences any lost mail again.