Single mum loses pouch with $500 at Serangoon North pasar malam: 'I urgently need the cash'

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A woman is urgently looking a pouch that she lost at a pasar malam in the vicinity of Block 152 Serangoon North Avenue 1 on Tuesday (Sept 12).

Stomper Trina said the pouch contained $100 and $50 notes amounting to over $500.

She believes that she left the pouch at a claw machine. When she returned for it shortly afterwards, it was gone.

Trina recounted: "I tried to play the claw machine as I wanted to win a toy for my son and took out $2 from the pouch. I must have taken my haversack but forgotten to take the pouch.

"After thinking I had taken all my things, I went to get lunch and only realised that my pouch was gone about an hour later. I went back to the claw machine as I remember that was where I last saw it. But there was nothing there.

"It's a white transparent pouch with blue prints and half the size of an A4 paper. It has over $500 in hundred-dollar and fifty-dollar bills. It does not have any ID, address or contact information inside, just some receipts and a 4D ticket."

Trina has lodged a police report.

The Stomper is appealing for the return of her pouch.

She added: "I am praying for someone to return my pouch. I urgently need cash as a single parent and the money is meant for my son's tuition and monthly expenses. This is a huge amount for my family.

"I greatly appreciate if you can help to share this and sincerely appeal for the pouch to be returned to me."

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