Singaporeans create Instagram filter while studying overseas to celebrate NDP "together"

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National Day is tomorrow (August 9) and two Singaporeans have created an Instagram filter for everyone to celebrate Singapore's birthday wherever they are.

The duo behind this filter is a 22-year-old student, Zoen Tay, who is currently studying in Sydney and her friend, Ju Xian, who is currently on an exchange in Silicon Valley. 

In an interview with Stomp, Zoen said: "We thought of the idea two months ago at dinner. We missed the times when we were younger and would get excited about the temporary tattoos during the National Day Parade (NDP)."

When asked about what sparked the idea in the first place, Zoen told Stomp: "We thought this filter could be a way for us and other Singaporeans overseas can feel “connected” to the Singaporeans back home and celebrate the nation’s birthday “together".

"The two flags on the cheek is an iconic image of Singaporeans celebrating National Day and we feel that everyone can relate to it.

"We wanted to take “Singapore pride” to the next level through Instagram."

Zoen recounted that the entire process was tricky since they are not professionals at augmented reality, 

She said to Stomp: "Only about 10,000 people worldwide have the licence to create filters. It was also difficult trying to make the filters pretty!

"I wouldn’t say we are 100% pleased with this filter, because it's our first project, but we felt that it was more important to launch it as soon as possible so that Singaporeans get to use it at least two days before National Day.

"The greatest obstacle was waiting for Instagram to allow us into their system. We had to keep checking our emails for their approval and we just got it yesterday, right before National Day!"

To use the SG54 filter, simply head on to Zoen's Instagram Stories or click on this link to use the Instagram filter while on your phone.