Singaporean man arrested in Bangkok for allegedly selling counterfeit luxury brand watches online

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A Singaporean man was arrested in Bangkok, Thailand on Wednesday (Jun 20) for allegedly selling counterfeit luxury brand watches on his Facebook page.

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The suspect, Damiel Tan Jian Wei, was in his apartment in Bangkok’s Chatuchak district when the arrest happened, according to Pol Maj-General Surachet Hakpal, deputy commissioner of Thailand's Tourist Police Bureau.

A total of 22 counterfeit watches bearing brand markings of Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, and IWC were seized, and officers also found a 9mm Noringo pistol and 10 rounds of ammunition in Tan's room, reports The Nation.

According to Surachet, an undercover officer had contacted Tan to purchase a watch, after the police received complaints that Tan has been selling counterfeit items on his Facebook page, which violates copyright law.

Tan had admitted to bringing counterfeit watches from China which cost Bt2,000 each, to resell on his Facebook page for about Bt10,000 to Bt20,000 each.

Tan had claimed that watches which bore the brand of Patek Philippe were the most popular and that he earned profits amounting to about Bt70,000 to Bt80,000 a month.

Tan's Visa has also expired since he entered Thailand in 2014.

Tan was charged with breaching copyrights, overstaying his Visa and possessing firearms without a licence.