Singaporean man arrested for fraud in Cambodia is innocent, say family members

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A Singaporean man who was arrested for alleged fraud at Phnom Penh International Airport last Friday (Jun 23) had actually voluntarily travelled to Cambodia to clarify matters, said his father.

Eng Wei Khiong's father spoke to Shin Min Daily News on Jun 26 regarding the local news by Cambodian media that reported Eng was arrested as he was trying to flee the country.

He was accused of cheating more than 100 victims out of US$3 million (S$4.2 million).

His father told Shin Min Daily News via The Straits Times:

"He went to Cambodia to prepare for the opening ceremony of another company and address this matter. He also intended to request for his business partner to return embezzled funds."

"Who knew that he would he would be arrested at the airport, with the blame pushed to him?" he asked.

He also went on to say that his son was not a director of Securecom Media Co. Ltd as reported, although he was one of the people who set it up.

He is the director of real estate firm SC Capital.

His family, including his wife, have not been able to contact him since he was arrested in Cambodia.

His wife told Shin Min that her husband is innocent.

The Khmer Times reported on Jun 26 that the chief of the Interior Ministry's criminal department, Chiv Vibol, said the Phnom Penh Municipal Court is continuing to question Wei.

“We sent him to court, but the deputy prosecutor has not finished questioning him yet,” he said. “The court has detained him.”