Singaporean man and instructor killed after falling onto driveway in Sydney during tandem skydive

A Singaporean man in his 20s, and his instructor were killed after the two crashed onto a driveway at a property in Sydney during a skydive, conducted by Sydney Skydivers.

The incident happened yesterday (July 15)  at 2pm in Wilton, a town about 85km south-west of Sydney, and the two were on a tandem skydive at about 4,200m-high, reports The Straits Times.

The pair landed about 1km away from their intended landing area in an open field, and It is believed that both died on impact. 

Footage from local media showed that their parachutes had been deployed, either partially or fully, prior to their deaths.

The Police are investigating the cause of the tragedy.

A spokesman from Sydney Skydivers said that the deceased instructor, in his 60s, was a very experienced individual, and it is unclear what went wrong.

The Owner of Sydney Skydivers, Mr Phil Onis, also reaffirmed the statement, saying that the instructor had been skydiving for 20 years. 

Said Mr Onis:

“He was an experienced skydiver.

“We are keen to get in there and find out what happened. 

“This has never happened before.”

A spokesman for the New South Wales Police would not confirm details regarding the two deceased, and said that they would not be adding anything else until their next of kin have been informed.

Another tourist, Mis Catalina Granados, who participated in a separate jump, said that she had been on the same bus as the Singaporean deceased, going from Sydney to the skydiving base.

She added that she was shocked by the tragedy, and said that the other skydivers were only informed about what had happened when they returned to Sydney afterwards.

She said:

“I was in shock, I couldn't believe it.

“The conditions on the flight were good and I never imagined this could happen.”

Another skydiver who had jumped before the Singaporean recalled the instructor raising concerns about the wind directions.

The two bodies were discovered by a young girl who lived on the property on which they had crashed onto.

Mr Brad Turner, the chief executive of Australian Parachute Federation said that it was assisting the police with its investigators. 

He added:

"The main focus will be on the equipment, as long as it's not too badly disturbed… We should be able to establish exactly what happened with the equipment.

 "Whether it was equipment failure or human failure is something that will have to be established over time."