Yucks! Diner at VivoCity restaurant finds creepy crawly in meal

Submitted by Stomper Hazel

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Stomper Hazel was disgusted to find a caterpillar in her meal at the Thai Express outlet in VivoCity at 2pm yesterday (Mar 20).

The Stomper said she had ordered and was consuming a plate of Basil Leaves Chicken.

She then noticed a bright green object in her meal.

Upon closer inspection, she realised it was a caterpillar and called the floor staffer over.

When the floor staffer said it a was a worm, she asked to see the manager.

The manager also said it was a worm, and offered to replace the rice in her meal.

However, Hazel was unhappy as she had already consumed half of the dish.

"I have written in to National Environment Agency (NEA) to report this."