You'll LOL at how Pokemon hunters go wild after prankster shouts 'Snorlax!' in Hougang

There is no denying that the Pokemon Go craze has hit Singapore hard and is here to stay.

Stomp has received numerous reports of large crowds at various parts of Singapore, with Hougang Avenue 10 being an especially popular spot for Pokemon hunting.

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Players have been called out for endangering lives by disregarding traffic and dashing across roads, leaving behind litter as well as for making a lot of noise.

All to catch that elusive Pokemon.

SGAG recently pranked Pokemon Go trainers at Hougang Block 401 by pretending to have found a Snorlax to see how everyone would react.

A video shows one guy shouting 'Snorlax!' while hiding behind a pillar at the void deck -- and that one word definitely caught a whole lot of attention.

Check out the hilarity that ensued in the video below.