You might not understand this abstract artwork -- which costs $28,000

Submitted by Stomper Lau Lup

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Stomper Lau Lup was scrolling through the antiques section on Carousell yesterday afternoon (Sep 28) when he came across a listing for an abstract painting at $28,000.

He wonders if anyone would pay such a hefty sum for an item that not everyone might understand.

Lau Lup said:

"I’m just thinking if anyone would spend that much money on something like that.

"It’s just a red square with a grey dot at the side, I don’t understand it, and I don’t think people will buy it.

"I know I won’t buy it, I don’t understand the painting and I’m not sure of it’s authenticity as well.”

That sure is a lot of money for simple art piece. Would you be willing to pay that much for something you might never understand?

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