Woman's new car dented thanks to driver who hit it with his lorry's door

Stomper Belinda reported that her new car's bonnet was dented on Jan 18 at 12.43pm after it was hit by the door of a lorry when its driver was alighting. 

A video captured by the Stomper's dashboard camera first shows her car parked in a parking lot at a HDB estate.

A lorry driver who had stopped his vehicle in front of the Stomper's car proceeded to alight.

As he was doing so, the door of the lorry hit the bonnet of the Stomper's car and left a dent. 

He left the scene thereafter.

Belinda subsequently made a Police report over the incident.

In a Facebook message to Stomp, Belinda said she was told that she was unable to claim an insurance payout over the accident.

Stomp has contacted MSIG, the insurer of the lorry involved, over the matter and they have issued a response.

Said an MSIG spokesperson:

"We would advise the claimant to submit her claim including police report and video to us for assessment.

"As we are unsure which agent she spoke to, we are unable to comment on that aspect.
"According to the Motor Claims Framework (MCF), a claimant should contact the other party’s insurer, who will then remind its policyholder to report the accident.

"If the policyholder fails to file the accident report despite of his insurer’s reminders, the insurer has the option to involve the Traffic Police to remind the policyholder to report the accident.
"All accidents must be reported to the insurer within 24 hours or by the next working day.

"Failure to do so by the policyholder constitutes a breach of policy conditions where the insurer is entitled to repudiate liability.
"Motor insurance claims are assessed in accordance with MCF and policy terms and conditions.

"MCF was set up by the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA) and is fully supported by all motor insurers in Singapore.
"At MSIG, we are fully committed to paying all valid claims fairly."