Woman shows customer's NRIC on Instagram: AIA apologises for ex-employee's mistake, immediate actions taken

The ex-AIA employee who accidentally shared a customer's details on her Instagram account has resigned, and the insurance company has taken measures to rectify the matter.

In an earlier report, Stomper Moon had alerted Stomp to the Instagram account, on which the ex-employee had posted a a photo, expressing how sweet her boyfriend was for buying her a Crunchie chocolate bar just as she was craving it.

However many perceptive netizens soon realised that a customer's National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) number was also captured in the photo.

In response to media queries by Stomp, AIA has issued a formal statement:

"Immediate actions have been taken to address this matter and we have communicated with our policyholder on it.

"This was an incident which should not have happened and we apologise for the mistake made by an ex-AIA employee.

"No efforts will be spared to safeguard our customers’ data privacy.

"We have also taken action to reiterate our internal guidelines to all staff to ensure such incidents do not happen again.

"Protecting our customers' data privacy is of utmost importance to us and it is the responsibility of all AIA representatives to uphold the highest professional code of conduct."

Stomp understands that the ex-employee resigned on her own volition during the preliminary investigation on the case.