Woman shouts at her neighbour: 'Singaporeans like you are rubbish'

A video of a woman shouting and scolding another woman, who is believed to be her neighbour, is circulating online.

The video was posted on Talk Cock Singapore's Facebook page yesterday (Oct 30) and has already garnered over 64,000 views.

It is unclear what got the woman riled up but she can be heard shouting in Mandarin.

She accuses the person filming the video of never graduating secondary school and then when asked if she is Singaporean, she says, "You don't tell me you're Singaporean. Singaporeans like you are rubbish".

She then says that Singapore is not the other person's place even though her neighbour tells her that she is "100 per cent" Singaporean.

Netizens have been quick to slam the woman's actions but some question what her side of the story is.

Watch the video below.