Woman pays cash to GrabCar driver not realising credit card was also charged -- and she's not the only one

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Stomper Pissedoz paid her fare in cash to the driver after using the GrabCar service on June 12 -- only to realise her credit card was already charged.

Her trip at 5.30pm that day from Tai Seng costed $6. 

According to her, the GrabCar driver did not seem to know she had already been charged and took her cash. She only found out about the double-charge after she alighted.

The Stomper says that her friend also experienced the same exact problem of paying cash, only to realise her credit card had been charged.

She feels that the app should be clearer about what mode of payment it is. 

To make matters more frustrating, she could not get a clear resolution from the company. 

The Stomper told Stomp that she had called multiple times, and was told she will "get a call". 

She waited but did not get it yet. She called back and was told to repeat her story all over again.

The second person who attended to her also told her to wait for a call, so that the relevant people can speak to the Stomper.

The Stomper called back a third time, and was told by the third person to wait for an email once the situation was resolved.

"It's not about the money," the Stomper explained. "I don't know how many customers have also experienced this."

She wants to warn other customers to check their charges.

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